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The Neo Johnsons is the longest running classic rock band in South Daktoa having formed sometime in the late 80's as just The Johnsons when two members of the 80's band Off Balance branched off.  It was Magic on lead vocals/harmonica/congas with Emmanuel on bass.  A few years later the Neos were born in 1992 with the name changed to The Neo Johnsons (neo meaning new) when Lyndon became the new guitar player with a new drummer, WormyRico filled in often as the Neo Johnsons backup drummer from the beginning playing more and more over the next 20 years then full time until his retirement in 2012.

The current lineup has original Neo Johnson, Lyndon Johnson, back in the band on guitar with occassional vocals. There's always founding Johnson, Magic Johnson, on lead vocals/congas/harmonica and the fabulous Jack Johnson on vocals & bass guitar. The newest Johnson is Tom Zoss on drums who we first met with the Blues Cartel at the very first JonoFest.

The Neo Johnsons have never stopped touring playing 50+ gigs every year since The Johnsons formed in 1989 never 'retiring' or taking a break.  Many musicians have changed their name to Johnson over the 30 years The Johnsons have continually played the area, and many return from time to time to fill in and play a gig or two to keep the party going.  Once a Johnson, always a Johnson!  Come out and see The Neo Johnsons at a bar, street dance, fraternity, hoedown, bar mitzvah, or party near you!

We'll play anywhere for a buck so give Magic (Dan) a call or email.  Full band or smaller acoustic gigs for private parties & events.
For bookings call 605-553-8247
 Click HERE to Email Us  -  neojohnsonsband@hotmail.com
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The Neo Johnsons on Facebook
2019 Get your bar or event on the list for 2019! 
27  The Attic/Ass'Ociates, Sioux Falls SD 
30 Beamers, Lennox SD
06  Alpine Inn, Sioux Falls SD
20  Waddy's, Hudson SD
27  Private Party, Underwood IA
04  Kelly's, Parker SD
11  I-90 Speedway, Hartford SD
18  Up the Dam Creek, Beaver Creek MN
25  Ronken Field Augustana Univeristy Baseball Bash
26  Shore Store, Swan Lake Viborg SD
01  Alpine Inn, Sioux Falls SD
07  Take 16 Brewery, Luverne MN
15  Stringers, Yankton SD
22  The Shipwreck, Lake Brandt SD 8PM
29  Steve's Bar, Trent SD
13  J&L Harley - Hot Harley Nights - 12:30P-5:00P
20  Broadwater, Lake Madison SD
26  Jet Lanes, Presho SD
27  Private Party, Plankington SD
02  Johnny's Pub, Lake Park,IA
03  Johnny's Pub, Lake Park IA - 2PM Afternoon
04  Private Party, Rock Rapids IA
17  Beaver Creek Street Dance, Beaver Creek MN
24  Broadwater, Madison SD
29  Winner SD City Celebration
07  Hawk's Nest, Canistota SD

A History...
Rico relaxing at the Cue
A rare Emanuel sighting
Early Neo Johnsons mid 90's Lyndon, Wormy, Emanual and Magic
Rico actually working at the Beer Garden
Beno Parker Johnson at the Desert Inn
The Reverend Ron Johnson at the Alpine Inn
Rufus Johnson at the Alpine
Neo Johnsons
To the left are the original Neo Johnsons circa the mid 90's with Lyndon, Wormy, Emmanuel and Magic....note how Wormy looks like the Johnsons's head!  We are not the most photogenic band as evidenced by the only handful of pictures we could scrounge up the last 25+ years to put on the webisite.  If you have any photos of the Johnsons, send them to us by email HERE and we will see what we can do to get them added.
Neo Johnsons
The Neo Johnsons belly up to the bar at the Beer Garden - Magic, Ron, Angus and Rico
And now, a lyrical moment from one of our favorite songs...

Big Fat Blonde
By The Rainmakers

One, Two
One, Two, Three, Four!

I want a big fat blonde
To hold my hand
To keep this skinny boy from blowing over in the wind

I want a big fat blonde (Ooh-ee!)
A big fat blonde

Mama, mama, mama keep your skinny girls at home
'Cause this skinny boy wants a big fat blonde!

Me and my big fat blonde
We like to fight and scratch
I know I'll be the loser of the wrestling match

With my big fat blonde (Ooh-ee!)
Yes, a big fat blonde

Mama, mama, mama keep your skinny girls at home
'Cause this skinny boy wants a big fat blonde!

Well, I'm talking six foot three
Forty thirty forthy
Amazon bottom shelf
Tall damp and dirty
Talking six foot blonde (uh-huh?)
Ah Ha!

Well me and J D Salinger
Were sitting on your porch
I want a date with your sister, I know I need more!

A big fat blonde

Inside everybody there's a big fat blonde
If you don't believe me, take a look around!

Big fat blondes (Ooh-ee!)
everywhere, big fat blondes

Mama, keep those skinny girls at home
'Cause skinny little me wants a big fat blonde!!
Above, the Neo Johnsons at the last JonoFest 2017.  To the left, the original poster Magic made for the first JonoFest in 1993 after talking Jono into an outdoor event.
The Neo Johnsons at the Desert Inn - Parker, Magic, Rico and Jack
Abpve, Magic with Ryan on bass at the Beer Garden
5 Guitar Players
Lyndon, Reverend Ron, Rufus, Parker and Clint
Magic on a table at the Beer Garden
Left, A rare Emmanuel Johnson sighting
Left, The Neo Johnsons belly up to the bar at the Beer Garden - Magic, Ron, Angus and Rico
To the right it's 4 of 5 in a rare sighting:  Lyndon, Clint, Parker & Rev Ron Dec 2013 at The Other Place in Sioux Falls
(Rufus not pictured)
Neo Johnsons Ribfest
The Neo Johnsons at Ribfest 2014 with Mark on drums
Corey Ward Neo Johnsons
Doug Lund with the Neo Johnsons
The Neo Johnsons at The Alpine Inn Sioux Falls, with friends Mark from the Cartwright Brothers and KELO TV legend Doug Lund.
Corey Ward Dan Sahr Neo Johnsons
Dan Sahr Neo Johnsons
Mark Richards Neo Johnsons
Corey Ward Neo Johnsons
Neo Johnsons Chebs in Canton
We play Chebs in Canton from time to time. The manager is a talented fellow with chalk and this fine piece of art on their chalkboard by the pool table proves it...
Rare Video: Fond memories of Phils Pub in Sioux Falls.  The original Johnsons in their last year together.  A young Dan Sahr (Magic Johnson) with other original Neo Johnson Victor Nemec (Emmanuel Johnson).  Lefty guitar player Paul Morstad and his cigarette with stand-up guy, Doug Renkly on Drums. Roadhouse Blues filmed by fellow fill-in Johnson (and fine drummer) Mark Pollard at Phils Pub on 3/26/90.  The future Lyndon Johnson (Corey Ward), got up late in a Phil's Pub night (perhaps this night, he can't remember) to jam on a song or two as a sort of audition for the band before being asked to join when Paul and Doug were leaving.  We love Phils Pub!

The other video is the last gig with Rico on drums at the new home base for the Neo Johnsons these last several years, The Alpine Inn in Sioux Falls.  This one has Magic in common with the other video, Lyndon on guitar and Jack on bass performng Closing Time.
Left, Neo Johnsons at J&L Harley for the 2016 Hot Harley Nights - Lyndon, Magic, Sean & Jack.  The Neo Johnsons have played every Hot Harley Nights at J&L since they started.  We play all day at the greatest Harley dealership on the planet!
www.neojohnsons.com - Official website of The Neo Johnsons band
Left, Neos with Jeff Faust playing the 2016 Augie Vikings Days at the stadium.  The Neo Johnsons are the official tailgate party band for the Augustana Vikings every year!
Hot Harley Nights at J&L  Harley 2016
Lyndon, Magic, Sean and Jack at Falls Park 2016
The Neo Johnsons at the Desert Inn - Parker, Magic, Rico and Jack
Lyndon at RibFest
Magic and Lyndon on St Patrick's Day  morning at Shenanigan's  2017
Neos in the background as the Stringer's crowd in Yankton partakes of some shots!
a summer schedule from 1998...interesting dates include the first or second Cinco De Mayo party at Rio Bravo (Chevy's now), another JonoFest (5th year playing those), The 2nd Ribfest opening for Indigenous, a two night Tent Party at Borowed Bucks, World of Outlaws Parking Lot Party, Ragbrai Kickoff Party in Hawarden, LHS 20 Year Reunion, The 3rd Van Meeteren Party near Hudson (those were the best!), and Yankton Riverboat Days with the Rude Awakening.  Looks like a good year...too bad Magic and Lyndon can't remember any of it!
A couple benefits and a year later Bob Uecker @ Broadwater 2017
Emannuel Johnson (Victor Nemec) rejoins the founding Neo Johnsons Magic & Lyndon for the first time in over 20 years in Presho with Sean on drums.  (who knows where Wormy is!)
Lyndon, Magic & Sean at the Canaries Stadium 2017
Mark Cartwright and Magic at The Market Grille 2017
To the left, the Menno Alley Dance 2017 and the Master of Chislic on High from the Beer Garden
Below, The Neo Johnsons at Ribfest 2014 with Mark on drums...
The Neos at Jonos with Mark Cartwright
Magic and Tom at Jonos 2019 & Patty's Year of the Pig Birthday Party!